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How You Choose To Respond To Criminal Allegations Will Change Your Life

If you are facing charges on a criminal matter, you should have a lawyer who has experience with and knowledge of the criminal justice system to help defend your rights. You should hire an attorney who will personally and carefully handle every angle of your matter from start to finish. I am attorney Jeffrey M. Gonzalez, and I am an experienced criminal defense attorney. I started the firm in 2000, and I am also the public defender for Borough of Flemington.

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Working With My Office Is A Good Start

I know the system and will help defend and protect your constitutional rights with dedication. Get an experienced criminal defense attorney to provide you personalized care and dedication on your criminal issue. I can help you with any one of the following criminal charges, including, but not limited to:

  • Drug possession and distribution: marijuana, cocaine, heroin or other illegal or prescription drugs or substances
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Fleeing from the police

Expungement Of Your Criminal Record

If you have been arrested for or convicted of a crime, you may have a criminal record. Employers, creditors and landlords can conduct a criminal records search when you apply for a job, loan or place to live. When someone conducts one of these background checks and discovers this information, it is possible that your application for an apartment, employment or student loan will be denied. Even such things as volunteering for events in the community might be off-limits to those with a criminal record.

You may not have to live with your criminal record. Expungement is the process of removing a criminal conviction from your record. In certain situations, it is possible to have your record sealed, or, to have the matter removed entirely from your record. I will carefully look at all your records and if it is possible, try to have the record expunged.

Do Not Let A Criminal Matter Affect You For The Rest Of Your Life

Get an experienced criminal defense attorney to provide you personalized care and dedication on your criminal defense issue. For a free initial consultation with an experienced and professional criminal defense attorney, contact me today at 908-284-2104 or send me an email. I offer flexible office hours and can meet with clients on weekends and evenings by appointment when necessary.